Tourist residence at La Tranche-sur-Mer

La-Tranche-sur-Mer-JulienGazeau-2132-cp3Julien Gazeau
La-Tranche-sur-Mer-JulienGazeau-2257Julien Gazeau
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  • Capacity
    • Accommodation :  34 Person(s)
  • Spoken languages
    • English
    • fr*
  • Equipment
    • Jacuzzi
    • Paddling pool
    • Heated pool
    • Open-air swimming pool
    • Wifi
  • Services
    • Sheets for hire
    • Linen hire
    • Cleaning / housekeeping option
    • Animals accepted
Payment methods
  • Debit cards
  • Cheques and giro cheques
  • Holiday cheques
  • Cash
  • Transfers
  • Rates
  • Week package per person
    From 301 € to 1575 €